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BEST COMEDY, Perth Fringeworld 2017


WEEKLY AWARD, BEST COMEDY, Adelaide Fringe 2016

PATRON’S PICK, Orlando Fringe 2015

BEST OF FESTIVAL, Calgary Fringe 2014

BEST OF FESITVAL, Edmonton Fringe 2014

BEST OF FESTIVAL, Hollywood Fringe 2013

BEST COMEDY, Critic’s Choice Award, Orlando Fringe 2015

WINNER, Cultchivating The Fringe Award, Vancouver Fringe 2013

WINNER, Volunteers’ Choice Award, Vancouver Fringe 2013

BEST SHOW, Audience Choice Award, Orlando Fringe 2015

WINNER, Low-Tech Award, Orlando Fringe 2015

WINNER, Fringe Crush Award, Orlando Fringe 2015

WINNER, Staff Pick, Edmonton Fringe 2014

WINNER, Most Orgasmic Production, Hollywood Fringe 2013

NOMINATED, Critics’ Choice Award, Vancouver Fringe 2013

NOMINATED, Best Solo Show and Most Outrageous Theatre Award, Hollywood Fringe 2013

NOMINATED, Best Touring Show by The Austin Chronicle, 2013

HONORABLE MENTION, Best English Language Show, Montreal Fringe 2012

OFFICIAL SELECTION, Uno Festival, 2013

OFFICIAL SELECTION, Out of Bounds Festival, 2012


“* * * * * … a tour de force of character comedy and clowning.” —The UK Independent (full review)


“* * * * * Ludicrous, racy and entertaining immersive comedy at its finest.” —Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (full review)


“* * * * *… Butt Kapinski is not just a show; nor is it just the name of the main character; it could very well be the name of a new type of theatre/comedy style.” —Glamadelaide (full review)


“* * * * * … the kind of ‘make believe’ joy rarely encountered since childhood.” —Fritz Magazine, Adelaide (full review)


“* * * * *… Calling Butt Kapinski ‘a one-woman show’ is like calling Wayne Gretsky ‘a hockey player’… I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard or so often…”

Calgary Herald (full review)


” * * * * This is not audience participation, this is immersive comedy like you have never experienced. And we love it.”

—Kate Copstick, THE SCOTSMAN  (full review)


” * * * * All the noir tropes are present and transformed: the street lamp that cuts through the darkness is affixed to Butt like a third eye… A raucous and raunchy thrill ride.”

THE LIST (full review)


” * * * * Terrifically inventive and invariably hilarious… A master craftswoman at work.” —FEST (full review)

“Hilarious and daring, Butt Kapinski challenges its audience to do more.”

The Ubyssey (full review)


“A  master at getting audience members to relax and join in on the fun…”

Orlando Sentinel (full review)


“If you don’t like interactive theatre, stay away from Deanna Fleysher’s Butt Kapinski. But wait a minute: this might be your big chance to change all that. I haven’t seen an audience so willing to jump in and that’s because Fleysher is that good. Play dead, play a whore, a reporter, make music like a saxophone. It’s called eating out of her hand and we were in there gobbling it up.”

The Vancouver Courier (full review)


“Butt Kapinski plays with, as well as for, the audience. Not only are we acknowledged, but we’re in on it; we’re part of the creation. And in the case of this riotous show, unsurpassed for originality and breath-taking risk, the quick wit of the performer at sussing out how much to demand, when to get an ensemble response instead of singling out someone, make it inclusive, and (X-rated) fun. We find ourselves doing the most outrageous things, and happily too.”

The Edmonton Journal (full article)



–Bill Bragin, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Director of Public Programming


“To say audience members surrendered themselves wholeheartedly to their roles would be an understatement… Fleysher’s ability to create community in the space of 60 minutes is nothing short of amazing…”

The Georgia Straight (http://www.straight.com/arts/421346/fringe-fest-2013-butt-kapinski-dirty-crowd-pleasing-delight)


“Rarely have I seen an entire audience surrender its anxiety over participation in a show and gleefully give themselves over to the play of storytelling as with Butt Kapinski. Fleysher is so comically engaging in the role that everyone gleefully followed her down the wabbit hole onto the mean stweets of a hilariously seedy, knuckleheaded noir city of trampy hookers, cat-obsessed slumlords, and cowwupt cops.”

The Austin Chronicle (full review)


“It’s a brave, sometimes terrifying spectacle to have a performer construct a play in conversation with an audience like this, and Fleysher pulls it off beautifully.”

Vancouver Sun (full review)


“Deanna Fleysher is witty, mysterious, and sexy. ‘Scrooge meets The Penguin’ with some swagger, and without missing a beat.  The audience can try and throw the plot…but Deanna puts us in our place. Hilarious right from the start. Thanks you Hollywood!”

Plank Magazine (full review)


“Hands down the best show I have seen at the Fringe Fest this year. Super funny and astonishingly inventive… it’s like watching a trapeze artist soar without a net…”

ArtsBeat LA (http://www.artsbeatla.com/2013/06/hff-13-4/)


“FOUR STARS… The riskiest show in town… from a startlingly talented, fun and (very) fearless clown improviser, who works a crowd like no one I’ve seen…”

Edmonton Journal (full review)


“You know how laughter sometimes just keeps spooling out of you, like it’s this great, long silken rope and you can’t believe how much of it there is? Like you just sit there helplessly and shake while it keeps unraveling? Kids laugh like that all the time. And that’s how I was laughing when I saw Butt Kapinski, for my second time, at the Cultch last night.”

—Vancouver theatre critic Colin Thomas (full review)


“Freakin’ Hilarious… Creator/performer Deanna Fleysher is wildly talented and utterly engrosses her audience with her outstanding physicality, wicked humour, and fantastic improv-ability…”

Charming Stranger Review (http://marblevictoria.com/post/51788978357/butt-kapinski-we-are-the-dark-charming-stranger)


“Deanna Fleysher is a fantastic improviser who has a lot of charm and who seems to revel in the awkward and bizarre banter between her and the audience.”

–The Charlebois Post


“This was a remarkable piece of theater, sort of like a foreign language immersion course. Almost everyone in the audience was drawn into this interaction show, and turned in quite incredible improv performances themselves. Don’t miss this limited run – you’ll be kicking yourself if you do.”

LA Reporter


“Hands down the best show I’ve seen at the Fringe so far (including my own).”

—Michael Kass, storyteller


“A hilarious and unique theatrical experience… she effectively brings the entire crowd together as one theatrical ensemble.”

–Ian Federgreen, theater blogger


“An Amazing clown.”

–Tanya Gagne, Wau-Wau sister and director of Big Sky Works, Brooklyn, NY


“[T]here’s not only a fearlessness to which she approaches the audience but also a vulnerability where the audience looks like they could swallow her whole by the end and all of her self effacement and honesty shines in the theater like that red spinning light.”

—Michael Shaw Fisher, Orgasmico Theater Company


“If you enjoy laughing ’til you cry, go see what Butt has to offer. I wish that all mysteries could be solved in such a frank, dirty, and hilarious manner. This show is very inspiring much in the way of Red Bastard from last year’s Fringe, and I haven’t enjoyed an actor’s performance this much since. Talk about selfless! In every moment Deanna was simply and totally in the room with her audience…”

—Felicity Doyle, theater blogger



–Honey Harlow, burlesque producer, NY, NY


“It’s impossible not to be engaged… Fleysher’s background is in clowning, and she can make the audience laugh merely with a raised eyebrow or a delightfully malicious grin. There is an element of improv to the show, which makes the experience unexpected for everyone involved, even Fleysher; you’ll never know what will happen next. And that’s what’s so fun about Butt Kapinski. So let Butt take you on a journey into his world. You won’t know where you’re going, but it’s the journey that matters. And that journey is damned funny.”



“Probably not part of the parade.”

—Hartford police officer




“This show is fan-fucking-tasting. Deanna (Butt) is so great at character work, improv, and reading her audience to create a show that is unique and fun for all. I had a blast and want to see it again!!!”


“You ever see someone throw a parachute out of a plane at 30,000 feet, count to ten, then dive out of the plane after it, catch up to it, strap it on in midair, pull the ripcord at the last second and stick the landing? That’s this show. Bravo.”


“Soooooooo inventive. I giggled & marveled at her the entire show. Really weird, brave, hilarious and just wonderful ideas. I went into this show knowing nothing about it and I was compelled to write a review because it was that cool. And she got an organic standing ovation. Take that.”


“Best show I’ve seen this Fringe so far. It’s hilarious and magical when you see what she does to, for and with us, and as an audience we trust her completely to bring us all to a satisfying place, no matter how chaotic the trajectory. The atmosphere has an air of madness about it.”


“The show is amazing, every night must be completely different, depending on the audience, which means a lot of quick thinking on the part of the artist. Tonight’s show was hilarious, the audience really got into it, and that made it even better. I’d definitely recommend Butt Kapinski to anyone who likes adventurous theater, like they said at the beginning, ‘No seat is safe!'”


“Great stuff! The bizarre (often surreal) detours and improvisations that arose from audience interaction were particularly funny. The scripted material was good too, but watching Fleysher have to think quick when confronted with crowd nonsense was wonderful.”


“What a wonderful performance! Funny, and so skilled in taking us with her on a journey, working with identity and encouraging discussion about the side of us that we’re not always comfortable showing.”


“A very unique and amazing experience to be a part of.”


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