Think it’s a solo show? Think again. Private eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a film noir murder mystery. Join Butt in a seedy world of sex, sin, shadows and subterfuge as you take the ride of a full-on interactive comedic experience. Kick reality to the curb! Play in a world of dark dreams and bad similes. ADULTS ONLY.


Get it? If not, watch this. Still don’t get it? Get outta here.


Deanna Fleysher is a comedy artist, teacher and director devoted to audience inclusion . She created Foreplay, an erotic improv comedy show that ran for a year at the People’s Improv Theater in NY and was featured at the Chicago Improv Festival. She created, produced and starred in Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir and The Kapinski Private Eye Academy at the NY Clown Theatre Festival. She created the Naked Comedy Lab, a workshop for training in interactive/immersive comedy and clown/bouffon. She is the director and co-writer of Red Bastard, the internationally acclaimed bouffon show. Currently, she tours her award-winning solo show BUTT KAPINSKI and teaches Naked Comedy labs in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and around the world.


ABOUT THE MISSION: Naked comedy is vulnerable and sublime. Anyone can make it. Use your bodies, use your hearts, make us laugh. Please visit The Naked Comedy blog at nakedcomedy.blogspot.com






When people ask me about my training, I still maintain that being a high school English teacher was the best clown training I could ever have. But also—

My first Clown teacher when I was 6: TIM ANDERSON at the Tic Toc Players, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY.

Some other great teachers/mentors I had in childhood/teenagehood: Richard Kalinoski, David Palma, Mark Almekinder, Michael Hagerman, John Bolton, Circle In The Square at NYSSSA.

B.A., Amherst College, English, physical theater concentration with Peter Lobdell

Clown and Bouffon: Ecole Phillipe Gaulier, Mick Barnfather, Giovanni Fusetti, Dody DiSanto, Sue Morrison, Eric Davis, Chris Bays, Matt Chapman, Jeff Raz, and Bob Berky Improvisation: Todd Stashwick, Jay Rhoderick, Shira Piven (Burn Manhattan), Christina Gausas, Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt  Melodrama: Debbie McMahon Action Theater: Cassie Terman Butoh: Kazuo Ohno, Jeff Janiesheski Alexander Technique: Janice Rous, Amira Glaser, Glenn Kenreich Pilates, Posture and Linklater breathwork: Alec Hellner and Debbie Parsons, Jenn Berry Pilates.





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