Teachers, Spaces, Inspirations and Cohorts

Sarah Alden—fiddler, teacher, inspiring collaborator

Grand Guignolers—incredibly talented performers making bloody and ecstatic theater, led by the brilliant Debbie McMahon

Ranya Renee Fleysher—my sister, an inspiring bellydancer and teacher

The Donovan Ensemble—the singing, dancing sweethearts of Union City, NJ

Mistress B—balloon artist, dominatrix, chanteuse, master knitter

Sxip Shirey—everything’s a musical instrument to this madman. great curator too.

Red Bastard—a hit show I was proud to direct and co-write

Murray Hill—drag king of the burlesque world, hilarious host

Nature Theater of Oklahoma—wild, original theater without a wall

Fleur Elise Noble—mixed media theater artist, Australian imp of mischief

Patty Farrell—brilliant accordionist, vest-clad bandleader

Film Noir Foundation—a scholarly and thorough center of all things Noir.

Jim Moore—tireless photographer of downtown NY cabaret performance.

Speed Levitch—inspirational tour guide of inner and outer spaces.

Jeff Seal—clown brother, funny funny funny.

Triskelion Arts—wonderful performance space in Williamsburg

The New York Clown Theater Festival—THE festival for clown theater

Big Sky Works—hot aerial and cabaret space in Williamsburg.

Dody DiSanto—terrific teacher of clown, bouffon and physical theater, based in DC.

Ecole Phillipe Gaulier—International school of clown, bouffon, melodrama, jeux and character, outside Paris.

Mick Barnfather—great English teacher of clown

Giovanni Fusetti—great Italian teacher of clown

Sue Morrison—great Canadian teacher of clown

The Secret City—”We Worship Art.” A lovely monthly ritual in NYC, a wonderful community.




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