Past Creations


The Kapinski Private Eye Academy

Starring Butt Kapinski

Written by Deanna Fleysher and Eric Davis

Music composed and performed by Sarah “Snaps” Alden and Patty Farrell


Butt Kapinski’s full-length show took audiences on an interactive outdoor odyssey through the streets of Brooklyn. Participants in Kapinski’s special private eye training course learned, among other things, How To Walk Like A P.I., How To Compose Magnetic Noir Poetry On A Metal Fence, and of course, How To Beat The Bad Guy In A Slo-Mo Fight. It premiered at the New York Clown Theater Festival in 2010. Musicians Snaps Alden and Patty Farrell comprised the killer travelling band, and crucial bit parts were played by the Donovan Ensemble.



Red Bastard

Starring Eric Davis

Written by Eric Davis, Deanna Fleysher and Sue Morrison

Originally created under the Direction of Sue Morrison, with continued Direction by Deanna Fleysher


Red Bastard was a phenomenon long before I came along. When I came on board as director, our goal was to expand RB’s physical vocabulary, develop new material and shape his existing material into a fully-formed show exploring risk and its rewards. The result has led to standing ovations across the world, and sold-out runs in Canada, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands, Scotland, Chicago and New York City.



Super Spectacular! with The Donovan Ensemble

Starring Joe Kolbow and Johnnie Niel

Directed by Deanna Fleysher


Joe Kolbow and Jonathan Neil began performing as the Donovan Ensemble in 2008, after I urged them to create a duo. I sometimes call them a “Singing, Dancing Bert and Ernie,” but they also invoke a vaudevillian charm, and have real performing chops. We created three shows together: Super Spectacular! Super Spectacular: To Opera With Love, and Super Spectacular with guest artist Dr. Brown. The Donovan Ensemble has become the darling of the fringe circuit, enjoying great press and happy audiences in Canada, Kansas City and Minneapolis. They are currently the artists-in-residence at St. John’s Episcopal in Union City, New Jersey.



Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir

Starring Butt Kapinski, Jeff Seal, Chris Manley and Chris Roberti

Written by Butt Kapinski, Eric Davis Jeff Seal, Chris Manley and Chris Roberti

Directed by Eric Davis

Conceived and Produced by Deanna Fleysher


I dreamed of a clown noir that put noir-loving, speech-impaired Butt Kapinski with a team of “friends” who would probably be her undoing. What we got was a spectacular disaster: a show that imploded on itself; in short, a real noirKill Me Loudly was my first collaboration with Eric Davis, and starred Kapinski, and the extremely funny gang of Jeff Seal, Chris Manley and Chris Roberti as The Shadow. Kill Me Loudly ran at Clemente Soto Vele in summer of 2009, The Clown Theater Festival at the Brick in October 2009, and at Triskelion Arts in September of 2010. In the summer of 2010, the company was also granted artistic residencies at The Celebration Barn and the Amherst College Ko Festival.



Starring Mark Grenier, TJ Mannix, May Lane, Krista Amigone, John Frusciante, Duncan Murdoch, and Chris Ryan

Concept by Mark Grenier and Deanna Fleysher

Directed by Deanna Fleysher


Following a dream of making improvisation fun to watch, vulnerable and daring, we created Echo. Using Viewpoints and Action Theater, the company developed a vocabulary of improvisational choreography, enabling the performers to create spontaneous ballets to rock ballads. Echo was the Magnet Theater’s first Repertory show and enjoyed two popular runs in 2008.



Starring Rocco Privetera, Dave Furfero, David Adams, Diana DePasquale, J.B. Roté, Steve Weiner, Babsy Singer, Bob Acevedo and Deanna Fleysher

Directed by Kevin Mullaney

Concept by Deanna Fleysher


Our answer to cerebral improv comedy, Foreplay was a company of comedians improvising scenes and monologues on the subject of intimacy. The players gave out fruit, chocolate and drinks before each show, interviewed audience members and created a show for them about fantasy, relationships, love and physicality. Foreplay ran for a year at the People’s Improv Theater in New York City to packed houses and was an official selection for the Chicago Improv Festival in 2007.