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Sat/Sun June 1/2: Naked Comedy Intensive at Theatre Deli, produced by the London Clown Fest, London, UK.

Sun, June 2: Butt Kapinski at the Water Rats, produced by the London Clown Fest.

Thurs, June 6, 9:30pm: Butt Kapinski at the Wardrobe, Bristol.

Fri/Sat/Sun, June 7-9: Naked Comedy Intensive, produced by Nincompoop, Bristol.

Tues/Thurs June 11/13: Butt Kapinski at the Physical Theatre Fest, Liverpool.

Wed/Thurs June 12/13: Naked Comedy Intensive at the Physical Theatre Fest, Liverpool.



Sat/Sun April 13/14: Naked Comedy Intensive in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. SOLD OUT.

Wednesday, April 10: Butt Kapinski at Grindstone Theatre, Edmonton, AB.

Sat/Sun April 6/7: Naked Comedy Intensive at the Hideout Theater, Austin, TX. SOLD OUT.

Thursday, April 3. Butt Kapinski at the Hideout Theater, Austin, TX.

Friday, March 8, 8pm: Butt Kapinski at the Lyric Hyperion, LA. 15$

Sat, March 9: Drag King Comedy Workshop at the Lyric Hyperion. Sold out!

Sat, March 9: Butt Kapinski’s Mr. Big Silverlick Drag King Competition, 10pm, Lyric Hyperion. 5$

Mon, Tues, Wed, March 11-13: Naked Comedy Intensive at the Lyric Hyperion. Sold out!

Tues, Wed, March 19/20: Naked Comedy Intensive in Oakland at Prop Box Studio. Info here. Plenty of spots left here, friends!

Thurs March 21: Butt Kapinski at PianoFight in San Francisco. 10/12$

short rest!

Lil’ Trip To Kelowna Tour

Jan 22-25: World Premiere of CHEATED!, a new immersive game by the Edge Detectives (a collaboration with Liam Kearns of Vancouver), at Curious Café, Kelowna.

Jan 26/27: Butt Kapinski at the Arts Centre, Kelowna.

Jan 26/27: Naked Comedy Lab in Kelowna.

A Lil’ Big Thity Tour! (Toronto and NYC)

Friday, Nov 9: BUTT KAPINSKI at 8pm and 10pm at b current, a tiiiiny venue! Tickets here and here. Presented by Sweet Action Theatre Company!

Sat, Sun, Mon, Nov 10-12: NAKED COMEDY INTENSIVE, presented by Sweet Action. A few spots left! Info here.

Tues/Wed, Nov 13-14: FREE THE SHOW FROM THE ROCK (Act/Character Development Workshop), 2 spots left mayyyybe… presented by Sweet Action. Info here.

Nov 16, 17, 18, 20, 21: BUTT KAPINSKI’S OFF-BROADWAY DEBUT at the Soho Playhouse in NYC. Discount code BUTT for 15$ tickets here!

Nov 17-18: NAKED COMEDY WORKSHOP, presented by The Brooklyn Comedy Collective. Info and tix here.

The WATHT TOUW tour! (UK and Australia) 

May 10, 2018: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Oxford Fire Station, Oxford, England. Tix here.

May 12, 13, 14: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Brighton Fringe, presented by Komedia. Tix here.

May 13: NAKED COMEDY WORKSHOP at Komedia Brighton. Tix here.

May 19/20: NAKED COMEDY INTENSIVE in Oxford, presented by SederSpokes. Info here.

May 23/24: NAKED COMEDY INTENSIVE in London, presented by the London Clown Festival. Info here!

May 25: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Albany in London, presented by the London Clown Festival. 8:30pm. Info here!

May 26/27: IMPROV ON FIRE (Clown for Improvisors), 2-day intensive workshop presented by C3 Something, London. Info here.

May 26: BUTT KAPINSKI at The Glory, London. 8pm. Go here!

May 29, 30, 31: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Wardrobe in Bristol. Tix here.

June 2/3: NAKED COMEDY INTENSIVE in Bristol. Info here!

June 7: BUTT KAPINSKI at Lee Memorial Hall, Devon. 8pm.

June 8: BUTT KAPINSKI at Croyde Village Hall, Devon. 8pm.

June 9: BUTT KAPINSKI at Loxhore Hall, Devon. 7:30pm.

June 12-17: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Adelaide, Australia. There will also be a NAKED CABARET workshop. All the info here.

June 20/21: NAKED COMEDY INTENSIVE in Melbourne, Australia. Info here!



Jan 9, 2018: BUTT KAPINSKI, 7:30 and 9:30 shows at PianoFight in San Francisco. (Sold out)

Jan 10/11: NAKED COMEDY 2-NIGHT INTENSIVE at SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco. (Sold out)

Jan 18-27: BUTT KAPINSKI at the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand. Info here!

Date TBA: NAKED COMEDY LAB in Christchurch

Feb 7-17: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Blue Room, Fringeworld, Perth, Australia. Info here

Feb 12: NAKED COMEDY LAB at the Blue Room. Info here

TAKE NO THIT Summer Tour 2017!

July 5-15: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Toronto Fringe! Tix and info here! 

July 17, 18, 19: NAKED COMEDY 3-NIGHT INTENSIVE WORKSHOP. Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto! See the Info! 

July 29-30: NAKED COMEDY LAB in London, UK. Produced by C3Something. Get the scoop! 

Aug 2-27: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Edinburgh Fringe. Pleasance Dome, Bristo Square. Dig the dirt! 

The Cousin’s Bar Mitzvah Tour!!!

Tues, May 30th, 5-9pm: Naked Comedy Intensive at Baltimore Theatre Project.

Thursday, June 1st, 7:30pm: Butt Kapinski at DC/AC, produced by Washington Improv Theater.

Saturday, June 3rd, 10am-5pm: Naked Comedy Full-Day Intensive. Produced by WIT.

Bewwingham Spring 2017!

April 27, 28, 29, 7:30pm: Butt Kapinski at The Sylvia Center.

Sundays, May 7, 14, 21, 3-6pm: Naked Comedy Workshops at The Upfront Theater Studio with Class show! at 10pm on Thurs, May 25th. Email for more info.


Jan 22-29: Butt Kapinski and Naked Comedy Workshops at the WA Circus Festival in Karridale, WA.

Jan 31 and Feb 5: Butt Kapinski at Mandurah By The Sea Festival, Mandurah, WA.

Feb 2-9: Butt Kapinski at the Blue Room, Fringeworld, Perth, WA.

Feb 3: Naked Comedy Workshop, Blue Room, Perth.

Feb 17-Mar 19: Butt Kapinski at the Adelaide Fringe. Garden of Unearthly Delights, 9:30 nightly except Mondays. Adelaide, SA.  Also available daytimes to coach, dramaturg, direct or otherwise support performers in their quest for ever-increasing awesomeness. 

Mar 2, 9, 16. 2pm Naked Comedy Workouts at Fringe Club, Adelaide Fringe.

Mar 21-25. Naked Comedy Workshop in Melbourne, VC. Info to follow. Also happy to coach, direct, dramaturg or offer any support for pre-Comedy Fest punch-ups and aforementioned awesomeness. 

Butt rests Stateside! 

November 2016


Nov 9: BUTT IN PHILLY at L’Etage. Discount code “degenerate” cuz you looked at this website, awesomeface.



Sept 6: BUTT KAPINSKI: DICK ON THE FRINGE opening night show and Vancouver Fringe fundraiser. Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.

Sept 24/25: NAKED COMEDY LAB INTENSIVE, Edmonton, Alberta.

Sept 29 and Oct 1: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Edmonton Clown Festival. Edmonton, Alberta.

Oct 6-8, 13-15: WESTWARD HO’S, a non-Butt Kapinski project directed by Deanna and starring a gang of deliriously talented crazy people. Bellingham, WA. Stay tuned for more Info!!

Dec 2015-Apr 2016: The IT’TH NOT A TOUW; IT’TH A WIFETHTYWE tour!

Dec 26-27: World Premiere of BUTT KAPINSKI: AND A VERY SATANIC NEW YEAR at the iDiOM Theatre, in Bellingham, WA.

Jan 1-3: BUTT KAPINSKI: AND A VERY SATANIC NEW YEAR produced by the Fringe Year Round/Orlando Fringe Festival.

Jan 4-5: Naked Comedy Lab in Orlando. Co-presented by the Orlando Fringe Festival.

Late January: Probably Naked Comedy Labs in Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC.

Feb 12-March 13: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, co-produced by Hey Boss and presented at the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

March: Naked Comedy Lab in Adelaide! Details TBA.

March 23-April 17: BUTT KAPINSKI at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, co-produced by Hey Boss and presented by Tuxedo Cat.

April: Naked Comedy Lab in Melbourne! Details TBA

Butt Rests!!!!


October 16-17: BUTT KAPINSKI at Electric Lodge in Walla Walla, WA, produced by Gesa Powerhouse Theatre.

Oct 29-Nov 1: BUTT KAPINSKI at Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse, YK.


May 12-25: Butt Kapinski at the Orlando Fringe Festival

May 30: Naked Comedy 1-day intensive at DC Arts Center in DC, co-produced by Happy Buddha.

June 4-5: Butt Kapinski at Quig’s Pub in Philadelphia, PA. Info and tickets:

June 6-7: Naked Comedy intensive at Headlong in Philadelphia, PA. For more info and to register, email

June 9: Naked Comedy workshop in New York City, produced by the PIT.

June 18-21: Butt Kapinski at SummerFest at the CoHo Theatre, Portland, OR

June 23-24: Naked Comedy workshop at JetCity Improv in Seattle, WA

June 25-27: Butt Kapinski at the iDiOM Theatre in Bellingham, WA

June 27-28: Naked Comedy Intensive in Bellingham, WA, produced by Northwest Passage.

June 29-30: Naked Comedy workshop at the Dusty Flowershop in Vancouver, BC

July 11: Naked Comedy workshop in Portland at Shout House.

July 13: Butt Kapinski in Grand Forks, ND

July 15-25: Butt Kapinski at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. 9:15 every night (except 7/21 and 22), 245 McDermott, 4th floor.

Aug 1: Naked Comedy workshop in London ENGLAND, produced by C3something.

Aug 2: Butt Kapinski at C3Something show, London.

Aug 8-30: Butt Kapinski at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 2:10pm every day except Tuesdays. Liquid Rooms Annexe.

Butt Kapinski rests!



Jan 19-22: Naked Comedy Workshop at Amherst College

Jan 23: Butt Kapinski at Amherst College

Jan 24: Butt Kapinski in New London, CT. Presented by Flock Theatre! Info at

Jan 29: Butt Kapinski at ImprovBoston. Info at

Jan 31: Intensive Workshop at ImprovBoston. Info at

Feb 1: Private Workshop with ImprovBoston resident cast

Aug, Sept and Oct 2014:  A WEAWY WONG Tour!

Aug 1-9: Butt Kapinski at the Calgary Fringe Festival

Aug 14-25: Butt Kapinski at the Edmonton Fringe Festival

Aug 26-27: Naked Comedy Lab 2-day Intensive in Edmonton

Sept 4-5: Butt Kapinski at the Coho Theater in Portland, OR

Sept 6: Butt Kapinski and Naked Comedy Lab 1-day Intensive at Unexpected Productions in Seattle, WA

Sept 13-14: Naked Comedy Lab Weekend Intensive in Portland, OR

Sept 18-20: Butt Kapinski at the iDiOM Theater in Bellingham, WA

Sept 21: Naked Comedy Lab 1-day Intensive at Northwest Passage, Bellingham, WA

Sept 26-27: Butt Kapinski at ArtSpring, Salt Spring Island, BC

Sept 30-Oct 11: Butt Kapinski at The Cultch, Vancouver, BC

Oct 6,7,13,14: Naked Comedy Lab 4-Day Intensive in Vancouver

Oct 16-18: Butt Kapinski and Naked Comedy at UBC Okanagan, Kelowna, BC

Oct 25-26: Butt Kapinski at Chez Poulet, San Francisco, 7pm both nights. Tickets here:

May 2014: the CWITH-CWOTH THE COUNTWY tour!

DALLAS, TEXAS. Butt Kapinski and Naked Comedy at the Dallas Solo Festival

Shows: Thurs, May 22nd @ 10:30pm

Fri, May 23 @ 7:30pm

Sat, May 24 @ 9pm

tickets and info at

Naked Comedy Lab

Sat, May 24, 3-6pm

AUSTIN, TEXASNaked Comedy Workshops at the Institution Theater

Naked Comedy Level 1:

May 26,  7-10pm

Beyond Naked, a 2-day Intensive with Asaf Ronen:

May 27 and 28, 7-10pm

TORONTOButt Kapinski at the Toronto Festival of Clowns and a Naked Comedy Lab

Shows: Fri, May 30th @ 8pm

Sat, May 31st @ 6pm

Sun, June 1st @ 4:30pm

Pia Bouman School, 6 Noble Street

tickets and info:

Naked Comedy Lab

Mon, June 2nd, 12-4pm at The Comedy Bar.

email me for details!

WASHINGTON, DC: Butt Kapinski and Naked Comedy

Butt Kapinski

June 13 @ 10pm

DCAC, 2438 18th St. NW

tickets and info:

Naked Comedy Lab

presented by Washington Improv Theater

June 15, 12-3pm

info and registration:

thassall folks! Stay tuned for THE BIG-ATH NOWTH TOUR AUG-OCT 2014!

Dec 2013: Is it time for a Bigass Artist Statement?

I’ve been doing Butt Kapinski since 2008. S/he has performed everywhere from church basements to strip clubs, from New York City’s Lincoln Center to an after-hours bar in Melbourne, Australia. I expect I will do Butt Kapinski until I die.

I came to clown/bouffon from improv comedy, and from my dissatisfaction with the limits of improv comedy, as least how it’s generally practiced these days. Del Close invented the Harold like he was taking a shit: it was just one of many ways he devised to explore spontaneous group creation. I see how UCB teaches the Harold now, and it’s literally a mathematical formula. Seriously, they give out handouts with charts and graphs. I love to improvise, and improv is central to my work, but improv comedy was never where I was destined to land.

Giovanni Fusetti says that improv comedy is dry and clown is wet. Yes yes yes!

I celebrate theater that is hilarious, risky, and above all, moist!

Butt Kapinski was born out of many fascinations and passions: film noir, roman noir (especially the worlds of Raymond Chandler, James M. Cain and Charles Bukowski), kink, BDSM, a few trips to Burning Man, urban loneliness, gender trouble, beat poetry, chiaroscuro and trench coats.

Butt is me. I was once a child with a big arsenal of vocabulary and a mouth full of speech impediments. I too have spent many hours alone wandering city streets, trying to crack the most existential of cases. I am a writer who finds writing too lonely. I am a creator who doesn’t want to create in front of, but with.

I create and love theater that is interactive, experiential, spectacle. I celebrate the spontaneous community that is created anew at every performance.

The more present the audience is required to be, the more invested they are. I ask a great deal of my audience, and they seem to like it that way. They sit up a little bit in their seats. People often ask me what I do and/or how I feel when the audience is “bad.” But the audience is never bad. Everything they offer is beautiful and right. I am sometimes confounded, occasionally flustered, but never disappointed.

Butt has taken a journey to find the right kind of vehicle. At first, I was the number one in a 3-clown team for a show called “Kill Me Loudly,” directed by Eric “Red Bastard” Davis. Then I went solo and did a “The Kapinski Private Eye Academy” on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with two musicians and a city block of mysteries. But, in terms of harnessing audience energy, it’s too hard to compete with the sky, and so Butt went indoors. And now the audience makes a film noir with me, different each night, but always full of lust, loneliness, urban degradation and poetry.

And laughs. I forgot about those.

There are definitely lots of laughs, despite the fact that I write very seriously about Butt, and Butt takes himself/herself very seriously… this is why, if I have to pick, I call the show clown and not bouffon. I’ve gotten in fist fights around this issue, as some people have wanted to call Butt Kapinski bouffon, probably because they know that I directed “Red Bastard,” which is mostly bouffon, and because also Butt is somewhat lumpy and dumpy, and deals in dark subject matter.

But it’s not really bouffon. I define clown and bouffon based on the character’s relationship to the audience. Clowns need and love the audience, as does Butt.

Not that those distinctions matter that much. I like work best that plays with that audience relationship, and lets it evolve. I might have bouffonish moments in my clown show, and I like clownish moments in a bouffon show. I like the ride.

Each of us has our own unique relationship to the audience, and that is somewhere on the spectrum between clown and bouffon, but it doesn’t have to be all one or all the other, and maybe it shouldn’t be. That is why I eschew the labels and call my teaching practice “Naked Comedy.” This is also because I don’t want to scare off the (quite American) clown-squeamish folks. Ultimately, we’re just talking about vulnerability, audience connection, satire.  The focus is on how each performer connects best to the audience— how s/he is most delightful, utterly can’t-take-your-eyes-offable, and wet as fuck.

I sometimes wonder if we each have “more than one clown” in our arsenal or if we just have one. The novelist Philip Roth once said that all of his novels are just one novel—that a dreamer may dream different scenes one night, but it is all one dream. Butt Kapinski is my scene, but as I continue to grow and explore, s/he may be just one scene—albeit a crucial one—of my glorious and deliciously dangerous dream.

Stay tuned for

Ha ha, don’t really.

Aug 2013: Just because you click on “NEWS” doesn’t mean you get the skinny.

Things happen, you know. Media moguls keeps secrets. Scandals are hush-hushed like Victorian babies. Private eyes forget to update the “News” section of their websites. You know the drill.

It’s actually been a banner year for ol’ Butt. There’ve been some awards and awesome reviews, sure, but the main thing is: the show is solid, tested, approved, and hot-to-trot. It’s good to go.

This is an update from a dingy motel room off the 5 in Medford, Oregon.

I am on Day 2 of THE THOWITAWY MAN TOUR 2013, including Portland, Bellingham, Vancouver, Salt Spring Island, and more destinations still to come. Butt shows and Naked Comedy workshops are happening up and down the Pacific Northwest this August/September.

There’s even a trailer:

And a phonetic twitter feed:

we press on!

On Montreal Fringe:

coming soon!

Summer 2012.

Kapinski has celebrated the move to Los Angeles with a nose job.

Also, “Butt Kapinski, Private Eye” is debuting at the Montreal Fringe Festival.

Winter, 2012.

We have found a home at ARTWORKS Theatre.

Red Bastard is playing regular shows there. Check him out! Next show: February 20 at 8pm.


Join me for the maiden voyage of The Naked Comedy Lab: a workshop for funny people who like to be bold, bold people who like to be funny, and everyone who seeks absolute pig-in-shitdom on a stage. Your relationship to the audience is unique, and we will learn about it. Through physical exploration, we will find your funny body. We will hone the brave, theatrical and hilarious you.This class will be extremely active, on your feet, on the floor. You must be in workout wear. No shoes. You’re lucky you’re allowed to wear clothes.Artworks Theater, 6569 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

Oct 7th, 2011. 8pm. East LA.


A double feature of weird, sexy film noirs on a big outdoor screen. Curated and hosted by Butt Kapinski.

Butt Kapinski knows noir. Her special niche is “pervert noir”, that is, film noirs that feature strange love and perverted desire. After a introduction to the key concepts in pervert noir, Kapinski will screen for your pleasure a double dose of sick, delightful films: DARK PASSAGE (1947) and THE NAKED KISS (1964). Intermission will also feature the private eye as she solves a disgusting crime before your very eyes.
3110 North Broadway
LA, CA 90031
8PM ***** $10 Suggested Donation

Summer 2011.


Hollywood: land of broken dreams, streets of Raymond Chandler, melting pot of American contradictions. Now home to Butt Kapinski, private dick, crime solver and hero of urban decay.

Butt Kapinski, PI, is open for business.

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